Sunday, November 12, 2017



In May 2014 my family and I contacted KATHLEEN WYNNE about the attempted assassination of our family when we were visiting Windsor Ontario in January 2013. We told her about the attempted assassination of our family and the abuses we suffered from the Ontario government but she would not even return our emails.

In 2015 our family sent the KATHLEEN WYNNE government 2 access to information requests through Canada Post to get our investigation information they have on us but the KATHLEEN WYNNE government completely ignored those requests, not a single reply.

My wife and kids and I arrived back in Ontario in June 2016 to sue the Ontario government for years of abusing our family, we made an appointment with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government for June 10 2016 and MADELEINE MEILLEUR step down June 9 2016, a day before our family met with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government.

We have been abused by the police and intelligence since meeting with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government in June 2016, here is just a bit of what we have been through.

We are living in London Ontario now, we moved here in September 2 months ago, this Outlaw Biker in this news article here approached us down the street from where we live just before he was arrested for murder for hire here in London. He was wearing his full patch Outlaws jacket and he came up to my wife and I about 6 feet from us and stared at us without saying anything, he just stared at us for a long while. We didn't know what he wanted from us, we thought he was just trying to intimidate us or something and then we seen on the London news that he was arrested about a week after approaching us by the OPP for murder for hire. What do you think we should do now?

It was probably CSIS that sent him to scope us out for another attempt on our lives, you know how they operate. You know how corrupt they are, the Trudeau government  put the CSIS agent that covered up the whole Danny Palmer trial as head of CSIS, David Vigneault, a CSIS assistant director.

We are sueing the Trudeau government this month and we are going to talk to the OPP here in London to find out who the murder for hire plot was for. We are under surveilance here in London and the undercovers have tried to start trouble with us on the streets here also. The RCMP and CSIS won't release any of the FRAUDULENT investigation documents they made up on us, they only sent my wife a bunch of redacted RCMP nation security investigation documents that say nothing.

We are law abiding citizens and my wife has never broken the law in her life, we don't smoke, we don't drinks, we don't party and we never even go out. We spend all of our time with our kids for the last 25 years of our life and as soon as we arrived back in Ontario and we told the government we are sueing them for decades of abuse they took our 14 year old daughter from us and put her in a group home where she is being sexually abuse by a pedophile.