Monday, April 17, 2017


My wife and I started using Craigslist in 2008 and we met some corrupt intelligence agents through Craigslist around the same time. We are not terrorists but the Canadian government used my wife and I as patsies and took fraudulent terror warrants out on us in 2009. The Canadian government lied to the Judge, Judge Richard Mosley and the Courts to get the warrants which were called 30-08 warrants. The Judge didn't find out they lied to him until 2013 when he ordered the Harper government to stop using the warrants. During that time the Harper government tried to murder us and they tortured our family for years. We are in Toronto now and we have gotten a lawyer and we are in the process of sueing the Canadian government. We are still under surveilance by the Canadian government and we have been assaulted numerous times by Canadian intelligence since we arrived in Toronto.

Me Michael Rodger Heroux and my wife Ingrid Van Eyk are still having counter intelligence operation run against us under bill C 51. We use Rogers internet and we are constantly still being hacked and CSIS and the RCMP are still torturing us. They are still putting ROOT KITS and malware of all kinds on our operating systems. We have been assaulted and they are threatening assassination against my family and I again.

They took our 14 year old daughter away from us and put her in a group home where they are using brain washing techiques against her so we won’t proceed with sueing them. She is not allowed to use internet since they took her from us, she is not allowed to have her cell phone. She cannot go out by herself, she always has to be escorted where ever she goes. She cannot use a cell phone, she cannot have her tablet, she cannot play video games anymore, she cannot use a camera, she cannot talk to her family unless someone is on the other phone monitoring what she is saying, she can’t visit with her family unless someone is monitoring the visits, she cannot have a camera to take pictures, she is being BRAIN WASHED by some agent they sent from WASHINGTON DC. She is being reprogrammed by the Trudeau government becauae they have abused our family for over 20 years. When they took her from us JUDGE SAGER ruled NO PREJUDICE AGAINST HER FAMILY AT ALL but they are threatening us that they are going to do her harm.

We went to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE OF THE INDEPENDANT INVESTIGATION UNIT OF ONTARIO on Bay St. in Toronto here to have the assaults and threats against us investigated but they looked into the assaults and threats and told us it would not be in the best interests of their office to investigate the assaults and threats against our family since we have been persuing legal action against them. They said it was the RCMP that assaulted and threatened us and they said they don’t investigate the RCMP anyways, they gave us documentation stating if we want Justice we will have to take our case to the Supreme Court Of Canada. They took our abuse reports and defrauded them by changing our reports we submitted to them and then they sent us fraudulent replies.

We got a lawyer not too long ago, he is FALCONER from the FALCONER LAW FIRM and they told us they would help us with our case. We are the ones who had the fradulent 30-08 WARRANTS taken out on us by the HARPER government. We have been tortured ever since and it is still going on. They have been contacting our family members for years to try to get our family members to torture us also.

We are a family of 5. My wife Ingrid Van Eyk and I Michael Rodger Heroux and my daughter Victoria Van Eyk and my other daughter Clarissa Van Eyk and my son Michael Van Eyk.

When they took our 14 year old daughter away from us we were living in a government of Toronto housing shelter that is run by the Ontario government. We contacted Justin Trudeau’s MP John Mackay because we were living in his riding at the time but they didn’t want to help us even thought they knew we had been tortured over the fradulent 30-08 terror warrants the Harper government took out on us in 2009. They said we could keep our daughter if we gave them all of our email addresses and phone numbers, they wanted all of our social media platforms and they wanted to be able to come in our home and monitor our family when ever they wanted to and if we didn’t do as they said they were going to take Clarissa away from us.

They said they would say we were secluding her in our home for too long. The government of Toronto told us they took her because we wouldn’t answer our door when they came by but they took her because we told them we are in the process of sueing them. We are not doing anything wrong, they just don’t want us talking about the torture of our family.

The Toronto police have come by a few times and spoke with our kids to ask them if the torture was real and as soon as they found out it was they took our daughter from us. They put our daughter in a group home to BRAIN WASH her and she is only 14 years old. They set her up with a 22 year old boyfriend from Washington DC and we are going to have him and the group home charged because they are letting her date this man even though she is only 14 years old and ONTARIO CHILDRENS AID knows all about this, THIS IS CHILD MOLESTATION.

My wife and I and our children were in Vancouver in November 2015 and the National Security Enforcement Team smashed our door in on the 10th of November 2015. They torn our place apart looking for something and they destroyed our computers so we couldn't blog about them anymore and they stole some of our intelligence documents we got from the government. They took all of our belongings and threw them and us out of our place and onto the streets that day and locked us out of our place. We moved all of our stuff and our family to another motel and bought Greyhound tickets to leave B.C. and move to Edmonton in December.

When we tried to leave Vancouver in December 2015 to move to Edmonton the National Security Enforcement Team took our tickets and held us at the Greyhound station for 3 day. After 3 days they gave us our money back for the tickets and told us to stay away from the Greyhound station or they would throw us in jail. We left the station but they would not let us leave B.C. until January 2016. They were threatening death on us all the time and telling us to back off or else. They took our cell phone from us before we left B.C. and they didn't give it back. 


We were constantly under surveilance in Edmonton and the government told us the "5 EYES" could assassinate us anytime and they could not do anything about it. The Edmonton police came to us and explained to us what was going on and they kept us safe the whole time we were there.

In June of 2016 the Rachel Notley government helped us get funding from the government for food and rent and transportation back to Ontario so we could get legal representation to sue them. We arrived in Toronto June 4th 2016 and met with the provincial Courts because they wanted to see our documents from the National Security Enforcement Royal Canadian Mounted Police Counter Terrorism Unit, that is when they granted us LEGAL AID.

My wife and I were the ones who had the 30-08 warrants taken out on us in 2009 by the Harper government. We are still under surveilance and still getting abuse by the Trudeau government.

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