Friday, April 14, 2017


My wife and I were the ones who had the fraudulent 30-08 warrants taken out on us in 2009. We contacted Ralph Goodale by mail in 2015 about being abused before he came into power and we contacted him again after he became public safety minister in the beginning of 2016 because we were being tortured again under the Trudeau government in Vancouver. We never heard back from him at all except for agents coming up to us on the streets of Vancouver and telling us to back off or we would be dead. We managed to finally leave BC but the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT stopped us from leaving for over a month by taking away our Greyhound tickets and threatening to throw us in jail if we didn’t stay away from the GreyHound station. After a month they finally decided to let us leave BC and we made it to Edmonton Alberta where we were able to get some help from Rachel Notleys constituency to get to Toronto so we can find legal representation to sue them. We are in Toronto now. Thank God for Rachel Notley and her great people in Edmonton that helped us get to Toronto. We have just qualified for a Legal Aid Certificate and we are searching for the best Human Rights Lawyer we can find just like the courts told us to.

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