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After we applied to the Justice Department on February 5, 2014 for our intelligence information to sue the Harper government for the torture, assaults, poisonings and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I, Irwin Cotler reluctantly announced he was stepping down. 2 days later on February 7, 2014 the Harper government announced they were appealing Judge Richard Mosley’s Rubuke of the 30-08 warrant decision he ordered on them for lying to the federal terror courts.

The Harper government ended up losing their appeal of Judge Richard Mosley’s Rebuke of the 30-08 warrant decision he ordered on them for lying to the federal terror courts. Then the Harper government applied to the Supreme Court Of Canada to appeal the decision to them. Just recently the Harper government decided to drop their appeal to the Supreme Court Of Canada and they muzzled the media into not reporting on dropping the appeal, but I found it on Twitter and retweeted it and forced the media into reporting on it.  Here is the story.

After applying for our information we decided to contact our MP Don Davies and let him know about the torture, assaults, poisonings and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I and ask him for his help with legal representation and getting our information and to find out why our government was doing this to us. We tried getting legal aid and they said if your government is abusing you and trying to kill you that don’t qualify for legal aid, only if your government is charging you with something. That didn’t make sence to us. We also tried numerous civil liberty and civil rights organizations and probably about a hundred legal organizations and nobody will help us with legal representation. In fact one of the places our MP Don Davies told us to go, they tried to set us up with an illegal undercover operation to try and get us to sign wavers, waving the Justice Department of any harm they might of cause us over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants they took out on us. Here is that story.

Here is our first attempt at getting our MP Don Davies to help us.

After contacting Don Davies we waited months for him to get back to us but he never did, we waited till summer 2014 and he still never got back to us so we went to his office  to see if he could help us but his staff working at his office said he couldn’t help.

We decided at the beginning of 2015 that we would try to get Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party to help us. We thought maybe they could help us get legal representation.

We sent letters to all the Federal Liberals to see if they could help, including the 5 Liberals in the picture here announcing Irwin Cotlers resignation. At the time we thought our 2 daughters had been murdered by Canadian Intelligence because that is what they told us, so we were desperate to find legal representation to help us. Here are the stories and the letters we sent to the 5 Liberals in the photo.


We were hoping the Federal Liberal Party would help us out with legal representation to sue the Harper government for torturing, assaulting, poisoning and attempting to assassinate us but we were wrong, they weren’t interested in bringing the Harper government to justice even though all they talk about is transperancy, all they were worried about is passing bill C-51 so they can use it to cover up all the dirt they left behind from their last go in office. The only Liberal that got back to us was Chrystia Freeland and here are her letters.

We decided to try to get our MP Don Davies to help us again so we contacted him for a third time in over a year and here is the letter we sent him.

After we sent Don Davies this letter he finally got back to us with this letter, it took us 15 months and 3 attempts to get this reply from him.

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