Monday, June 29, 2015

Michael Zehaf Bibeau


The terrorist that attacked parliament was known to alot of people on the downtown eastside. My family and I walk downtown east hastings all the time and we have seen him quite a few times walking around talking to himself and yelling about people pissing him off about one thing or another. I seen people trying to rile him up on purpose. I remember one night last year when I took my wife out dancing at the Cellar night club on Granville street downtown Vancouver. A stanger that night which we think was one of the intelligence agents that was following us around tried to get my wife and I to go to the irish pub just above the Cellar night club but we would not go there because the bar didn’t have dancing or top 20 hip hop or R@B so we would not go in. When we were standing out front of the irish pub we saw the terrorist run out of the pub and he was yelling at the door men that worked there because they were harrassing him just like they used to do with us. We knew what was going on because it is the same thing that has been going on with us for the last 5 years. We did not know it at the time but we read he came to Vancouver BC in 2009 just like we did after the agents told us to. I remember reading about the terrorist attack in Quebec and they said Canadian intelligence was at the terrorist’s house talking to him on October 9 before the attacks. Two intelligence agents came to our home on October the 9th also and they were knocking on the door but we didn’t want to be harrassed anymore so we didn’t answer the door but they stayed out there for a long time pointing up at our security camera wondering why we wouldn’t answer the door. We are not sure what they are up to now but the intelligence agents that were living in the apartment below us moved out the other day and they took some heavy electronic equipment with them. They got our landlord to help them carry it out for them. Something else that we think is strange is our new landlord that let the agents move in below us will not come back to get his rent money from us. He is afraid for some reason to come here and collect his rent money now. We met our new landlord through Craigslist also. What a coincidence. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.

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