Monday, June 15, 2015

Canadian Intelligence Corruption 2008

When our 2 daughters were sent back home to set us up by the RCMP in 2008 we thought it was strange because our daughters didn’t like living at home with their family because they were overly jealous of their younger siblings. We don’t understand why because they are the coolest siblings any older sisters would love to have. Our older daughters use to say to us, why did you have so many kids, why didn’t you stop after you had us? We didn’t think they really meant that, we thought it was just hormones talking.

My wife and I knew something was different about them because they were both trying to get us involved in illegal activities and they never were like that before. They were pretty straight people, just regular teenagers, maybe a little drinking with their friends from school but that was it as far as we knew. They would approach us individually so we thought they might of been working separately from one another and they would try to get us to do illegal stuff. They were trying to get us to deal drugs, they were trying to get us to go to certain government websites and fill out fraudulent documents for them, they were trying to get us to commit welfare fraud, anything illegal they were trying to get us to do. My wife and I used to work for the RCMP over 20 years ago in London Ontario so we knew what they were up to. We quit working for the RCMP because they were trying to get us to set people up that weren’t even breaking the law. The RCMP almost got my wife and I murdered when we worked with them by using our name to get warrants from the Judges to make arrests that we never had anything to do with, they were lying to the Judges to get the warrants. The gangsters started reading the warrants and they came looking for us. We were warned by concerned friends and we ended up meeting the gang members to confirm they didn’t know us so they knew the RCMP were lying on the warrants. We left London Ontario after that because the RCMP put us in a dangerous situation over the fraudulent warrants and we had our 2 daughters Bianca and Laticia to worry about so we ended up moving to Victoria B.C. and we decided never to help them again.

Christmas 2008 was coming up soon and our daughters were getting desperate to set us up for illegal activities. My older daughter Bianca admitted to us she was working for the RCMP in Thunderbay Ontario before she came back home to live with us again. She said the RCMP were paying her money to testify in a rape case against some drug dealer the RCMP were trying to convict for rape but Bianca told us that the guy never rape anybody but the RCMP didn’t like him because he dealt drugs so they wanted to set him up for rape. We told our daughter that was highly illegal and not to do it but she said they were paying her and she couldn’t back out. Her friend Jade

who she was living with had consensual sex with this drug dealer and that was the setup. Jade and the RCMP were charging the guy for rape and Bianca was being paid by the RCMP to be the witness even though the sex was consensual, they set the guy right up. The RCMP were probably trying to get the guy to work for them because he was a meth dealer so they were probably trying to use a rape conviction to try and turn him.

It was now november 2008 and the first fraudulent terrorists warrants were taken out on us. Our house was wired for sound by Canadian Intelligence and they were listening to everything we said. They were using electro magnetic radiation devices to watch us in our home and they were getting desperate to make an arrest.

We were being followed everywhere we went in Windsor Ontario, they had surveilance on our house 24/7. They had cameras in the trees watching our house and we think they were using the empty house across the street for surveilence also. They had agents that would stand outside our house all day and night to watch. They started getting aggressive with us when we went to the dance clubs, they started punching and kicking us to try and provoke fights with us. At the time we had 5 cats and we used to let the cats out at night time to run around. One night one of our cats came home with a broken leg, and the next day there was a skinhead/cleancut military looking guy kneeling on our front law with a paper bag of food feeding our cats. He just stared at us and said nothing as we walked by him and we said nothing to him either. What would you say to a stranger with a paper bag of food feeding your cats on your front lawn. The next night another of our cats came home with a broken leg and the next day there was a different skinhead/cleancut military guy on our front lawn feeding our cats. Guess what? The next night another one of our cats came home with a broken leg. What a coincidence, it was the same back leg as the other 2 of our cats had broken. Guess what, there was a different skinhead/cleancut military guy on our front lawn feeding our cats the next day. What are the odds? Guess what? I think you get the picture. They broke one of our cats exact legs every night until all 5 of our cats had the exact same broken leg and there was a different skinhead/cleancut military guy on our front lawn feeding our cats every day they broke their legs. At first we thought the cats were night skiing or something. What a coincidence. So we decided to give our cats away before Canadian Intelligence decided to kill them. That is probably one of their BILL C-51 tricks they will use to prevent terrorism. Since they were always outside our house 24/7 they used to through rocks at our house to try and provoke stuff with us. We knew what they were trying to do so we ignored them.

They were pissed at me for critisizing Bob Paulson and Steven Harper in the media on Craigslist about the abuse so they were desperate to set us up for anything they could. They first tried getting terror warrants on us in Windsor Ontario in 2007 from Judge Blanchard but he knew what they were up to so he said no to the “SPECIAL POWERS” they were looking for, but that’s another story completely. We’ll get to that another time, we are not terrorists, we are only swingers but they knew that well over 20 years ago when we worked for them, but maybe they thought after having sex with my girl that sex with her terrified them so much that they had to get their 5EYES partners involved.

As their desperation grew so did there attempts to get those “SPECIAL POWERS” they wanted. They started pressuring our older daughters more to get them to set us up. We never thought they would do the things they were doing to us for no reason at all but they must of been really desperate to get those “SPECIAL POWERS”. Our older daughters started getting really mean and nasty with their younger siblings. They were pushing them around and teasing them and they were being so nasty like we never seen before. They were trying to start arguments between my wife and I and they were constantly lying to us and their siblings just trying to start trouble whenever they could. We even spent a fair amount of money on a new Wacom Tablet for their younger sister because she is an accomplished artist and Bianca and Laticia took a nail or something and scatched the shit out of the tablet just to start trouble. Laticia started cooking meals for them and being nicer to them and we thought for a while they were becoming nicer but that was not the case.

Whenever Laticia would cook meals for her siblings she kept putting blue food colouring in their meals. She would make them eggs and put blue food coloring on top. She would make them oatmeal and she would put blue food colouring in it. Everything she made them she was putting blue food colouring in and I ask her why and she said they liked when she did that. I was too trusting of her or maybe just too stupid but we realized that her siblings were getting ill after they ate the meals Laticia made for them. They would vomit almost every time Laticia cooked for them but we always though it was stomach flu or some bug of some kind, we didn’t think for a minute that she could of been poisoning them. We didn’t realize until Canadian Intelligence poisoned us in 2009 that we knew she was probably poisoning them. She was probably thinking at the time that we would get blamed for it but we never took the kids to the hospital because they were always better the next morning after waking up. We usually take them to the hospital if they are sick any longer than a day. We have no proof just a story that Laticia told us just before she moved out of our house the first time. The story she told us was an excuse she gave us one night why she never came home that night. She told us she went out for pizza with her friends and that she got very ill from the pizza, she said she was vomiting and everything so she couldn’t make it home. She told us she thought that it was the pizza because it had blue specks all over it and that she thought the pizza place poisoned her. We later found out from her friends that she was out drinking and she got sick from drinking, but we though what a strange story to tell us. From 2011 till recently 2015 Canadian Intelligence wanted us to believe that they murdered our older daughters over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants the Harper government took out on us. They didn’t want us to know they were alive so we could summons them to court when we sue the Harper government. We now know they are alive and well living in Alberta and the GEORGE BUSH / DICK CHANEY administration paid them off with good jobs working for HALIBERTON. I feel a little un-easy seeing my daughter Laticia looking after my other daughter Bianca’s young children. If she poisoned her siblings like we think, I feel un-easy about that.

Just before we asked Laticia to leave our home at the end of 2008 she thought she would try one last time to set us up for Canadian Intelligence. We thought it was strange that she started walking around in front of us with just a towel rapped around her for some reason, like she was getting ready to have a shower. She never walked around the house with just a towel rapped around her with nothing underneath. Then she kept talking about how her friend was having sex with her father. My wife and I thought that was so wrong for her to be telling us about that and then she mentioned to us that she wished that I would have sex with her. We knew she had to go. We told her she had to leave as soon as possible. Then she started arguing with us and then she started crying and that is when she told us about her RCMP handler. We though the guy she was hanging around with and dating was just an older boyfriend because he used to give her booze and she used to spend nights at his place and he used to drive her around everywhere and she was only 15-16 years old at the time. She got on her phone and called her handler and told him she had to leave and that was that, she left.

Shortly after both our daughters left, Canadian Intelligence contacted us and told us that they could kill our daughters at anytime and make it look like an accident or a suicide and nobody would believe us if we told them. They were right because we went to the police shortly after that and tried to tell them but they laughed at us.

Bianca’s last attempt at setting us up for Canadian intelligence took a different route. She asked me if she could borrow my $20 camera to take to school to take pictures of her friends, so I let her borrow it. We didn’t think much of it, she used to use it whenever she wanted after that and we thought that was alright. It was just a cheap camera, nothing special. Around the end of 2008 she asked me if she could have my camera. I told her it was a cheap piece of crap and that I will buy her a new $100 camera for Christmas that was coming. She said she needed a camera because the newspaper in Thunderbay offered her volunteer work so she needed a camera to take pictures and that she had no way to get one. She said she didn’t want a $100 new camera just my old $20 piece of crap camera would be fine. I insisted that I get her the new camera but she got mad at me and demanded I just give her my old piece of crap camera. After that day it was hard times living with her and her sister because it was just one setup attempt after another. We knew she was going to try and use our old camera to try and set us up somehow but we weren’t sure how. One day she was using my old camera and she was asking me how to upload and email pics to her friends and stuff so I gave her a hand. We were out earlier that day and Bianca and Laticia were home alone with our youngest daughter so when she asked me to help her with the camera I got suspicious. I decided to check the memory card of the camera and among Bianca’s pictures of her friends were nude photos of her 6 year old sister that she was looking after that day when we were out. She took nude pictures of her 6 year old sister walking around in the kitchen. She never thought we would find the pictures and she was still bugging me to give her the cheap piece of crap camera with the nude pictures of her 6 year old sister on it. Her RCMP handler probably put her up to doing it to try and set us up. Bianca was arguing with us to give her the camera. We bought her a nice new $100 digital camera and sent her back home to live with her friend Jade again back in Thunderbay Ontario. We even called her friends she was living with in Thunderbay Ontario and they knew nothing about her needing a camera and nothing about her job for the newspaper and they said if she ever needed a camera they would have bought her one. They said it was BS.

We knew they had to go but I didn’t want to see them leave but they were becoming too much for the rest of the family. Canadian Intelligence finally got their 30-08 special powers warrants in 2009 and they poison us for the first time over the 30-08 warrants shortly after that. 2009 was also when we met KATHY LIKNES and she offered us $250,000 for the abuse of our family by Canadian Intelligence. They murdered her and her family to send a message to everyone to keep their mouths shut about the abuse of our family and the fraudulent 30-08 warrants. KATHY LIKNES WAS A SPECIAL PERSON, SHE WAS FEARLESS.

If the media would of got involved in our case when we went to them numerous times at the beginng of 2014 KATHY LIKNES and her family would still be alive today. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.


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